Welcome to Registration for On-Demand Examination for Existing Learners.

On Demand Examination is conducted at HQ NOIDA and at all the RC of NIOS except Ranchi and at selected Kendriya Vidyalayas
Enter Your 11/12 digit Enrolment No.

Note :

1. Many Services are provdided on the basis of Aadhaar No, so a learner should have Aadhaar No for Registration.Registration for ODES Cannot be done without Aadhar No as the same will be used for verification.If correct Aadhaar No is not provided then you will not be allowed to appear in the Examination

2. Students who have passed Secondary Examination in 2015 are not allowed to appear in more than 4 Subjects till March 2017. In case they appear their result will not be declared due to not fulfilling of 2 Years gap between Passing of Secondary and Sr. Secondary Examination as already mentioned in the Prospectus and online Infiormation. 2 years gap between Passing of Secondary and Sr. Secondary Examination is necessary and implies to all learners.In case the students fills up the form who have already passed 4 subjects then NIOS will not be responsible and students will not claim for the result.

3. In case your Result is Result withheld (RW) in Public Exam then your Registration for appearing in ODES stands cancel.